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Laura Hunter


Laura Hunter

Following a 10-year career in the corporate world, Laura decided to return to her roots and pursue health and wellness. In 2001 she graduated from the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy, Ontario with a 94% average.

She has honed her massage therapy skills in both clinical and private settings; enjoying her time at a variety of multi-disciplinary clinics within Toronto. Prior to joining Max Health, Laura was an instructor and clinical supervisor for the Eastern College massage therapy program in Moncton.

As an honours kinesiology graduate and former competitive figure skater, Laura brings practical knowledge to her treatments. She was secured as the massage therapist for a number of professional and amateur athletes, and has had the pleasure of working as team therapist for: Stars on Ice (American tour), Canada’s Cup Challenge, Targa Newfoundland, Subaru factory rally team, and various NHL players.

In addition to courses in myofacial release, TMJ and kinesiology taping, Laura is a certified Health Coach, Fletcher® Pilates instructor and Piloxing® instructor. She is currently obsessed with the aging well movement and is gaining knowledge and certification in the areas of massage, reflexology and yoga, specifically for the face.

When not in clinic, Laura spends her time traveling abroad, attending concerts, and volunteering at the Magnetic Hill Zoo. She looks forward to being an Atlantic Canada tourist and hopes to become fully bilingual.

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