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About Us


About Max Health Shediac

Max Health Shediac was founded in 2014. Our mission is to provide high quality multi-disciplinary neuro-musculo-skeletal rehabilitative services in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Evidence-based practice is at the heart of our patient-centered approach which seeks to integrate education, individualized exercise, manual therapy and various therapeutic modalities into the most effective and comprehensive treatment plan possible.


We are extremely grateful for our community’s support through the years and are honored to be a trusted provider of rehabilitative services.

A dedicated multidisciplinary team

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Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies will cover physiotherapy, massage therapy, athletic therapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, women’s health physiotherapy. Please verify with your insurance company before you book your first appointment as you may need a doctor’s referral for it to be covered through your health insurance plan. Medicare will usually cover sport medicine.

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